Imagine a taxi service for Business Users that provides:
  • Total peace of mind - all drivers are all fully licensed by the appropriate authority
  • Top priority service
  • A fast and reliable service - all cardholders are supported by a full-time professional sales and marketing team
  • Flexibility to just call up a taxi company in the city you're either in, or travelling to
  • Book by phone or hail a taxi on the street that displays the International Cabcharge logo
  • All your journeys being collated on a single monthly invoice
  • No currency - no problem. Just have the card handy
  • Access reputable companies in over 400 cities
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Imagine being a Taxi Company that could:
  • Make your circuit/company attractive to drivers
  • Provides access to Europe's largest "customer account"
  • Increase your revenue at no extra cost
  • Gain additional business from Cabcharge street hirings
  • Full fare payments
  • No risk, all payments are made quickly without quibbling
  • Supply journey details for fare payment
  • Display the Cabcharge Logo in your cab so that customers can hail a cab in the street and use Cabcharge to pay as well as phoning for a taxi
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