The CityFleet Networks bureau will offer a 24/7-call taking and despatch service to transport providers throughout the UK. Utilising the most technically advanced solutions on the market today aligned with highly trained personnel CityFleet Networks is currently setting up its first bureau.

The first bureau is located in Musselburgh, Scotland, where the systems incorporate the latest CTI/CLI telephone solutions as well as coast-to-coast GPS links to all vehicles - no matter where they are based - and whose radio taxi company they may belong to.

The new service will enable companies to outsource all, or part of, their booking, despatch and billing facilities. This will leave them free to grow their businesses by giving 100% focus to services to drivers and services to customers.

PRESS RELEASE 16 April 2002
(CityFleet Networks, Sigtec and THUS plc)


The frustration of phoning a taxi and waiting in vain for it to arrive on time will become a think of the past due to a pioneering communications system being introduced to taxis in Scotland by DelGro group company CityFleet Network.

CityFleet Networks, which provides communications for 400 taxis in the Edinburgh area, THUS plc, one of the UK's leading providers of voice, data, Internet and interactive services, and Sigtec, an Australian-based specialist taxi dispatch supplier, have teamed up for a project that will transform ordering a taxi by phone.

The linchpin of this new service is a £1 million call centre at Musselburgh, which was formally opened today (Tuesday). Sigtec's state of the art communications technology, and intelligent call routing and network services provided by THUS, will mean customer details and history being pulled up on a screen when an incoming call is received, allowing operators to personalise their responses to the caller. The system software then automatically sends the booking to the nearest taxi and as the cab pulls up at the destination, the driver presses a button on the dashboard console that alerts to the main system. This triggers an automatic optional call to the customer with those magical words: "Your car has arrived and is outside."

Although the new system will be deployed initially in the Edinburgh area using Capital Cabs and Radio Cabs, it is hoped to extend the service nationwide.