Cabcharge Ltd - Case Studies

A major regional railway operator has issued Cabcharge cards to all their stations and depots. When they need taxis either for staff or customers they use their card to order them from their local Cabcharge operator. The journey is completed quickly and efficiently and they only have to process one consolidated invoice each month - broken down and analysed by date, time and station.

A leading national breakdown service uses Cabcharge cards in each of their control rooms. As a result they automatically have taxi accounts in around 200 locations nationwide and can book taxis at any hour of the day or night. They too get one consolidated invoice each month cross-referenced back to their internal systems.

A very large firm of lawyers has individual Cabcharge cards. For each taxi journey, wherever it takes place in Europe, the passenger can quote their internal 'matter number'. This information is collected promptly and included on their bills so they can efficiently recharge the trips to their own clients.

Several multi-national merchant banks have individual cards for employees in, for example, London, Frankfurt, Paris and New York. Wherever they travel Cabcharge collects the journey details and apportions the fares to the correct cost centre. We also supply detailed management information electronically for direct input to bought ledger systems and for exception reporting.