Cabcharge is an international charge card for taxis operating across Europe, South East Asia, North America and Australia. In Europe Computer Cab operate Cabcharge. The product is principally aimed at the business segment of the market and there are currently over 100,000 cards in use in the UK.

In addition, visitors from all over the world can use their cards in any taxi that displays the Cabcharge logo in its window or with any radio company that is listed in the Cabcharge International Directory.

Please click HERE for the UK Directory - search by town for a licensed Taxi Company.

Please click HERE for the International Directory - search countries to list licensed Taxi Companies.

The Cabcharge Opportunity

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For top priority service, recognised individually and be able to access secure licensed transport throughout the United Kingdom and Internationally
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To gain additional business from Cabcharge telephone bookings and street hirings at no extra cost, full fare payment with a professional image